The best carsunglasses of 2020

Car sun visors are an often overlooked but essential car accessory that will not only protect your car's interior, but also help you and your passengers be safe, comfortable, less sweaty and less moody. For more insights jump to: Best Windshield Sun Shade

The sun's rays can raise the temperature in your car to an uncomfortable and possibly dangerous level, as well as heat your seats,steering wheel, and seat belts, making them too hot to use. When your car is parked in the sun, the car windshield curtain keeps it cool, protects against burns, and prevents upholstery and car leather from fading and cracking. Thesun visor can also protect your vehicle's electronic components such as LCD monitors, GPS devices, and phones from overheating. Louvers on side windows can prevent child car seats from heating up as well as lowering temperatures,preventing sun damage, and protecting children, pets, and other backseat passengers from harmful sunlight.

Our top picks

Best overall: EcoNour car sun visor

Using a sun visor on the rear window will help prevent the rear seat and child car seats from heating up, and keep children, pets and other passengers in the backseat cool and comfortable. This sunglasses pack from Veneev comes with two large curtains on the rear windows as well as two curtains on the side windows. With four sun visors, you can choose one of them on the window in your home. You also get a handy storage bag to tidy up your curtains when you don't need them.

Best static protection (for side windows): Sunshade by KinderFluff

For ease of installation, you can't beat the Kinder Fluffsun visor. This sun visor uses static grip technology so it is easy to put on,move and take off. They will protect your child or other passengers in the rear seats from heat, glare from sunlight and up to 98 percent of harmful UV rays,but the mesh design will still allow the driver to maintain good visibility.

Best for compact storage: the Shade-It sun visor

Some sun visors can take up your entire rear seat or most of your trunk when not in use, but this one has a clever design that saves a lot of storage space. You simply twist and fold it into a slim, round shape that fits easily into its carry bag, which can then be stored in the glove box,center console, side door, or under your seat. In addition to being compact and easy to store, the Shade-It sun visor is made from tough nylon that's tear resistant so you don't have to worry about tearing when opening or closing or stepping on it. children or pets.

Best for smaller cars: Magnelex windshield sun visor for compact cars

If you have a smaller vehicle, this Magnelex sun visor is agreat option for keeping your vehicle cool and protected from sunlight. It is made from reflective polyester that blocks out heat and sun. This shade is 59 x31 inches and users love that it covers the entire windshield for maximum sun protection. When you're done, you can easily fold the shade and store in the included bag, which can be hidden under the seat or in the trunk.